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Weven: a tech company with a wedding soul

We exist to empower venue hosts to be their best selves every day, for every couple. To do this we get the hard stuff and the boring stuff done for them with our first-of-its-kind venue management system. Our system delivers everything a unique, nontraditional venue needs to be successful: client and event management dashboards, robust messaging capabilities, online payment processing and venue-specific planning tools for their couples. We’ve developed a proprietary set of technologies to streamline and organize the entire event process, help venues wow clients, and ultimately preserve their most valuable asset: their time. That's running a venue business, made flat out easy.

At Weven, we’re a small group of people doing big things. Disrupting a $73bn industry isn’t for the faint of heart, and we know a thing or two about what it takes to host a kick-ass wedding, from initial inquiry to event day.

Join the Team

Full Stack Software Engineer

Boston, MA (Remote considered)

At Weven, we believe that running a unique venue business should be easy, not overwhelming. We are convinced that we can make that dream a reality at scale through technology and automation, while at the same time preserving open, natural spaces by providing secondary income to our venue hosts. Our goal is nothing short of a wedding venue revolution.

We are looking for a full-time engineering hire who will work directly with our Head of Technology to grow our web platform. Are you excited by the idea of using your problem solving and software skills to make a long-lasting impact on couples' lives? Do you dive head-first into new problems, energized by the opportunity to learn quickly? Do you believe in iterating rapidly, considering constant customer feedback, and working together across the entire company to build the best possible product? Do you feel comfortable wearing several hats; writing code, patching immediate bugs, and maintaining AWS-based infrastructure, all while becoming a product expert and helping build the company's future roadmap? If you said "yes" to most of those questions, this is likely the role for you.

Responsibilities Include:

  • Building new features from scratch, taking a customer need through design to prototype and iterating on it until customers love it.
  • Automating business processes allowing our venues to run their business more efficiently through our platform.
  • Contributing to our internal tooling so that we can move even faster.
  • Participating in the entire product design process.

You’ll be phenomenal in this role if you:

  • Have professional experience at a software company doing full-stack software engineering, including SQL databases (any dialect) and a Javascript framework (ideally React). Experience with GraphQL and AWS is also a plus.
  • Dive into problems with an excitement to learn rather than a fear of the unknown.
  • Feel comfortable working autonomously and growing a guiding knowledge of the business and product goals.
  • Have an interest in product and user experience (UX) design.

Our Stack:

  • React, GraphQL, SASS
  • NodeJS, MySQL, Redis
  • AWS (many fully managed services and Lambda functions)

Chief of Staff

Boston, MA (Remote and Part-time Considered)

The Chief of Staff for Weven manages day-to-day operations and determine strategic opportunities to help grow our company. You work directly with the executive team and report to the CEO.

This role is both deeply execution oriented as well as strategic. By virtue of orchestrating the day-to-day operations of the company, you will be privy to deep knowledge about our business, the individual teammates and external stakeholders. With this unique insight, you will have the chance to recommend and reprioritize various activities that you think will best help the company achieve its goals. You will have a chance to help shape the internal strategy of the company alongside our executive team. An excellent candidate will operate with rigor and attention to detail, while also being able to see the forest through the trees to offer larger strategic recommendations to the CEO. The Chief of Staff will partner directly with heads of departments to understand their business needs and bring concerns and opportunities back to the CEO and larger executive leadership team.

In all these capacities the Chief of Staff exercises incredible attention to detail, always being ahead of the ball to ensure the company runs smoothly.

Responsibilities Include:

  • Manage Day-to-Day Business Operations -- Ensure the company day-to-day operations continue to run smoothly as we scale our business. Example work here includes, HR, hiring, federal and local compliance, interviewing, office management and more. Identify opportunities to upgrade or improve current infrastructure such as selecting a new CRM system or payroll partner. Help improve and update performance management systems for our internal team members.
  • Strategic Planning -- Recommend growth and or cost reduction opportunities to the CEO. Help allocate budget and headcount across departments and new markets, developing hiring and growth plans with department leaders and the CEO.
  • Organize Company Meetings and Events -- Help steward our company culture by creating and organizing events (both in-person and remote) that help keep our team connected and extend our company culture and values to new hires. Schedule and help lead company meetings such as quarterly planning sessions, board meetings, investor updates and more.

Preferred Experience

  • HR; Accounting; Operations; Startups; Compliance

Key Skills

  • Detail Oriented; Effective Communicator; Process Oriented; Team Management

UX/UI Designer

Boston, MA (Remote and Part-time Considered)

We are looking for a UX/UI designer who will work directly with our Product Lead to design the overall functionality of our web platform. You will be tasked with understanding our business requirements and crafting above and beyond design solutions that fulfill our users’ needs while accounting for technical feasibility. In order to ensure a great user experience, you will also be expected to rapidly iterate upon your designs using various user testing methods.

Responsibilities Include:

  • Partner closely with Product, Engineering, and project stakeholders to conceptualize, execute, and design new product features for mobile, tablet, and desktop.
  • Translate concepts into user flows, wireframes, and mockups to support product definition and development.
  • Analyze user interface problems and create design solutions that meet user requirements and achieve measurable business goals.
  • Regularly give and receive feedback on design decisions across many departments.
  • Develop a design standard and pattern library for Engineering to follow.
  • Become the in-house expert of industry trends and best practices for user experience.

Preferred Experience

  • Proficiency with design and prototyping software such as Figma, Sketch, Zeplin, Adobe XD, Photoshop, Illustrator, Zeplin, and InVision.
  • Previous experience leading UI/UX design and user testing for web applications.
  • A strong portfolio showcasing your work.
  • Experience designing for web applications and working with in-house product and engineering teams.
  • A clear understanding of the importance of user-centered design and design thinking.

Key Skills

  • Flexibility to changes in scope, direction and/or new ideas.
  • Top-notch communication skills and ability to partner with cross-functional teammates.
  • Ability to receive and act quickly on feedback to wireframes and mockups.
  • Self-motivated attitude with the ability to work in a fast-paced, sometimes ambiguous work environment

Account Executive, Venue Sales

Boston, MA (Remote considered)

The Account Executive is charged with driving sales of new venues to join the Weven platform in a specific region. You will be part of a team each targeting independent regions to develop new venue partnerships in an area that you own. You will be required to intimately understand the functionality and uses of the Weven technology and how it enables venues to increase profits and save time booking and managing weddings. You will be responsible for understanding the needs of each prospective client and ensuring our product is the right solution to help them achieve their goals.

The scope of the role encompasses all elements of sales strategy from lead identification, to sales outreach, and signing of a purchase order. The Account Executive will be able to work within the existing sales processes we have found successful while also being capable to test new strategies and approaches they may identify as more suited for their territory -- run effective A/B tests on new sales approaches from lead identification to email outreach to call scripts. You will report to the Head of Platform Operations.

Core Functions

  • Lead Identification -- Identify new venues that could likely benefit from running their business on Weven’s venue management platform. Develop outreach methods, emails, cold calls, marketing materials or similar tactics, to bring leads into your sales funnel - whether that is inbound or outbound.
  • Sign New Venue Partners -- Account Executives must balance moving prospects through a sales process efficiently from outbound and qualifications to product overviews and demos. Our product is generally not the type of sale that is done after one phone call and that requires diligent followup and ability to understand a prospect’s needs to ensure our product can help them. The product is technical and often requires a series of interactions and relationships to get a venue to sign - this can be done via phone, email, video calls and/or venue visits.
  • Process Creation -- Efficiently identify best practices in your sales approach, document those practices, test them against alternative methods you create and ultimately document them for others to leverage.
  • Product Feedback -- Tie your frontline learnings of venue owners’ pain points and goals into feedback on our product and recommendations. Collate and share your learnings with our venue account management and engineering teams to improve our product for our venue partners going forward.

Required Experience

  • 2+ Years Sales Experience

Preferred Experience

  • Startup Sales Experience; B2B Sales; SaaS Sales, CRM Familiarity (Hubspot, Salesforce etc.); Outbound Sales

Key Skills

  • Effective Communicator; Process Oriented; Goal Motivated; Analytical; Persistent; Creative

Business Success Representative

Boston, MA (Remote considered)

The Business Success Representative is a hybrid role that straddles identification and documentation of new business opportunities as well as supporting our current clients alongside our Customer Success team. The cross-functional nature of this role helps demonstrate the entire life cycle of a venue partner from prospect to a paying customer, setting the individual employee up with a strong foundation for future growth at the company.

As a part of our sales organization, you will own the prospecting and lead development for a sales team(s) in a particular region. This effort includes collaborating with the Account Executives (who reach out to the venues) to determine what type of venue businesses to target by region, such as style of property, size of business, number of events held annually and more. After making these decisions the Business Success Representative (BSR) will compile the best prospects as fully built out leads within our CRM system for the Account Executives in that region to reach out to in an outbound sales process. A close partnership with the account executives on the team is critical to success in this role; helping you understand the outcomes of the leads you have selected and why you may want to continue or change the strategy you have developed for identifying those leads.

Working alongside our Customer Success Lead, the BSR’s additional responsibilities will include supporting newly joined venues in onboarding to our venue management system software. Ensuring success for our venue partners will mean providing timely and accurate answers to questions the customer may have or helping to promote the adoption of new product/feature and tools by creating educational content. In this aspect of the role, the BSR will have the chance to work directly with our Customer Success Lead.

The cross-functional nature of this role offers potential career paths into a full-time role in either sales or customer success.

Core Functions:

  • Lead Identification -- Identify unique, nontraditional venues in specific territories that could likely benefit from running their business on Weven’s venue management system. Collaborate and work closely with Weven Account Executives to establish lead qualification guidelines.
  • Sales Documentation -- Input prospective venue information into CRM (Hubspot) with detailed venue and contact information for Account Executives to easily begin outreach. BSR may also include recommended talking points or suggested sales strategy for each prospect.
  • Customer Support -- Provide efficient, clear and accurate information and support to current customers as they use our venue management system. This support can range from phone and video direct interactions, to answering emails or help tickets.
  • Content Creation - Create onboarding materials, newsletters, blog posts, social media content and video tutorials to help current customers quickly understand and capture value for themselves and their clients (i.e. couples).
  • Product Feedback -- Tie your frontline learnings of venues pain points and goals into feedback on our product and recommendations. Collate and share your learnings with our team to help improve our product.

Preferred Experience

  • Customer Support; Sales Support; CRM Familiarity (Hubspot); Business Development

Key Skills

  • Effective Communicator, Process Oriented; Goal Motivated; Analytical; Persistent; Detail Oriented

Beyond Boston Roles

Want to join Weven as we grow? We are looking for territory owners to build our venue networks in the following regions:

San Francisco
Washington D.C.
Los Angeles

You will grow our network of premier nontraditional and outdoor venues in your region to become the next generation of truly unique and bespoke venues. Working directly with our Head of Platform Operations, our HQ in Boston, Massachusetts will provide the sales collateral, marketing material and venue onboarding technology for you to quickly get your region up and running.