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Questions to Ask Your Venue Before You Tour

Congratulations, you’re getting married! The next steps towards the aisle require narrowing down your wedding venue options. Before you get swept up in the beauty and aesthetics of the setting, it’s important to ask your venue host the right questions. Getting the right information upfront helps determine if the venue, and who you’ll be working with, is a good fit for you and your vision.

We recommend that you call or email your potential host and ask them about these four major details-

If you have a set budget in mind, it’s crucial to ask about the cost of the venue. Do your due diligence and add these questions to the top of your question checklist: How much is the deposit? What is the total and what’s included in it? Are there any service charges taxes, or otherfees? How do you structure the payment and what form of payment do you accept (ask your host about paying by credit card or ACH through Weven!)? What’s your cancellation policy?

Make sure that you fully understand the cost implications associated with hosting your event at the property- and that you’re aware of any additional fees or charges down the road. No one likes surprises when it comes to money!

If you have a specific date in mind, then question number two should be about availability. If you’re flexible around your wedding date, here are some alternative questions to ask the venue host: Are there surrounding dates available? Does pricing vary depending on time of year or day of week?? What is the best time of year to host an event at your property?

Guest count
If your limiting factor is guests, be sure to ask your host if they have a set capacity. Another thing to consider is that some venues also price differently depending on guest count. While most weddings have less guests show up than invited, it is still important to be upfront about guest count with your venue. Their capacity numbers are typically set for not only the comfort, but also the safety of your guests- so this is an important conversation to have with your venue!

Equally as important as what’s included in the rental of the venue, you’ll also want to know what isn’t. That way, you can get a feel for what you’ll need to rent from outside vendors. You’ll also want to know your vendor options. So, early on in your search process, we recommend asking the following : “Do you have any required vendors? Do you have any vendor restrictions? Or, if you are open to outside vendors, do you have any local recommendations?”. Each venue functions differently, so understanding your vendor options from the beginning, helps you confidently build the wedding of your dreams with the right partners for your vision!

We know that finding the perfect wedding venue isn’t easy, but by asking the right questions and doing your research upfront, you’ll be sure to find the right space for you!. Enjoy the process!